My alias is Raindropsndew. With my passion and strong obsession with video games and animation, it has led me down the life of being a weeb, and following my educated art pathway has opened me up to the expansive, large world of the art community. Being a part of both has given me the opportunity to join these amazing groups of artists sharing their works to fans and collectors from both worlds and to potentially beyond!

As a collector myself, I understand the beauty and appreciation behind owning a piece of fine crafted art. It's one thing to admire and love a digital image but to physically own it and hold it in your own hands is so expressive and personal to the owner. It makes one's extrinsic side more vibrant. With what I choose to illustrate and offer, I hope to give others another piece to their expressive and personal collections.

I have always had an issue with self confidence and a lack of respect for myself and my own work. I see Raindropsndew as a way to improve myself, not just to become a stronger artist with sharper skills but to also become a better person. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer.

As I find less and less time to enjoy video games, I try to slip in fighting games in my life as often as I can!

Guilty Gear Strive, Dragon Ball Fighterz, Smash Ultimate, Granblue Fantasy Versus, Street Fighter